Now ; The Power of collaboration

Dates: Sept 15th – Oct 16th        Opening times: Thur-Sun 12h and 18h          Free entrance  Location; Treehouse pavilion NDSM / TT. Neveritaweg 55 – 57 Amsterdam

Weaving Roots and Veins
Adriana Rohde & Esther Kin
This installation invites us to reflect on what it means to collaborate with nature, of which we are of course also a part. How can we formulate a common goal? How can we survive together and lead a fruitful life? What do we have to tell each other? What knowledge can we share and how do we communicate with each other? 

The Power of Collaboration, oursecond month-long exhibition at our new Pavilion, features 9 works by local artists that reflect on the immense potential -and nuances- of collective thought and action, as well as a series of lectures and workshops. 

The Power of Collaboration attempts to move away from the focus on the individual and reflect on the huge network of connections and interactions at the base of any transformative action. Within a community (be that human, more-than-human or both), members collaborate for protection, nutrition, or just for help to get around. Even the smallest cooperation can have enormous implications, driving the vital force of change needed to tackle the most urgent issues. 

But these exchanges do not occur without tension. How do we navigate the strain between individuality and collectivity? What are the boundaries that we set for ourselves or are set for us? What are the conditions for real dialogue to take place? If we really defy anthropocentric narratives based on domination, what would true interspecies cohabitation look like? 

Participating artists: Brechtje van Dijk, Liesje van den Berk, Kam Seng Aung, Joshua Weitzel, Sam Tsao, Bruna Souza, Marte van Haaster, Antrianna Moutoula and Ella Tighe, Lies Aris and Judith Segers, Margot Domart, Adriana Rhode and Esther Kin.

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De Odyssee is het heldenepos van Homerus over de tocht van Odysseus naar Ithaka. Een reis vol uitdagingen, ellende, monsters en verleidingen. De verhalen gaan over verraad, maar ook over slimheid en liefde, doorzettingsvermogen, creativiteit en hoop. Een metafoor voor de reis van de mens door het leven en de zoektocht naar de zin ervan.

Hoe gaat de hedendaagse mens hiermee om? Hoe gaan wíj́ hiermee om?
Sluiten we onze ogen en laten we ons meevoeren door de wind of zwemmen we tegen de stroming in en overwinnen we de draaikolken en gevaren die ons dreigen te verslinden, net als Odysseus?

Curator: Ellen Klijzing

Foto Benny van der Plank https://bennyvanderplank.com/

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