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Ink and brush are fast and sensitive materials that you can use, for example, to express different emotions, the other way around, the material often also clearly shows how you feel and what comes out of your fingers at that moment.

In my workshops I try to let you enjoy this material with exercises that allow you to handle the material better technically, but also to get into the feeling of the expression itself.

In this way, painting e.g. energy full lines also give you energy.

In order to connect the workshops in a natural way, but also to maintain the possibility to visit them separately, they follow the seasons. Every day different but still with a continuous movement.

First available date;

WORKSHOP / Ink & Brush / I see y0u / Za 25 nov/ Treehouse NDSM / 14 h-16 h / Esther Kin / (Dutch & English) /

Workshop /Esther Kin

Line portrait with ink and brush  

Saturday November 25 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm 

Costs €40,- (1plus1 free action!!) 

Location NDSM Treehouse T.T. Nevertitaweg 55-57 Amsterdam 

Language; Dutch and/or English

Ink and brush are fast and sensitive materials, with which you can express different emotions. On the other side, these materials often show your feelings and thoughts as they flow from your fingers onto the canvas.

In my workshop you will have the chance to explore and enjoy these materials with a number of exercises to improve your technical skills while working on self-expression.

In the workshop a line portrait, you look for a minimal line game to capture the person opposite you on paper. How do you see this person and how do you translate that into a line. Resolute, set down with certainty or very carefully scanning with searching lines? In this workshop you can also discover that being able to draw well is absolutely not a requirement to enjoy working with ink and brushes.


book a place with an email to


Ink workshop; human being versus human doing/

bookable on request from 6 persons (Dutch or English spoken)


Doing things with a lot of power and energy can give a change but can also destroy, exhaust and give a big mess. In this brush & ink workshop we will research ways to conserve energy when we transform our ideas into material and still walk out with a powerful art work as a result.

Treehouse Pavilion NDSM 

2 uur / kosten 35,- p.p

location; artist playground NDSM Treehouse T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57, 1033 WB Amsterdam

please mail me if you are interested


bookable on request from 6 persons (Dutch or English spoken)

Day workshop with brush & ink;

bookable on request from 6 persons (Dutch or English spoken)

Forget the world around you and enjoy moving your brush across the paper. Sometimes graceful and flowing, other times, full of strength and determination. Capturing an image in one or a few lines requires stylization and simplification, until only the essence or a suggestion of it remains.

During this course we look for different ways to give as much expressiveness as possible to the lines that you eventually put on paper.  The emphasis is not only on transferring knowledge and skills, but there is also attention for your individual creative process, which can provide a nice insight into your own way of moving.

What do you practice;

Finding the essence of an image. / using different brushes and associated technique to bring intention, variety and emotion to brushstrokes. / Enjoying non-result-oriented work.

Everyone comes in here with their own curiosity and intention. But what you take home is always a surprise. You don’t have to be able to do anything but be open to what presents itself.

practical information

Location; artist breeding ground NDSM Treehouse T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57, 1033 WB Amsterdam

costs 1 day workshop, lunch, material € 80,- p.p incl btw. (ask for discount when you come in a group)

Please sent me an email if you want to be informed or join upcoming workshops


Inkt workshop specials 2 uur/ ink workshop specials 2 hour

bookable on request from 6 persons (Dutch or English spoken)

Theme related Workshops, different for every occasion! Accessible to groups or individual participants.

costs € 35,- p.p  incl.materiaal ,tea, fruit and cookies 

location; artist playground  NDSM Treehouse T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57, 1033 WB Amsterdam

Please send an email with the number of participants, preferred date or request a group related theme.



Prasand Baidjnath Misier looking closely at one of NDSM Expo IX ;The Circular pursuit.

Have you ever tried asking a piece of art for advice?

Esther Kin, artist, trained in Art Based Learning, loves to bring you in contact with an artwork that gives you a creative view on the things that might keep you awake at night.

You can make an appointment for Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 12.00 and 18.00
by sending an email to Esther Kin, with your desired date/time and number of participants. We love to see you soon at At NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam North
cost: 25 euro p/p ! (+ 9% BTW )