Algo Ritme/

cotton, rice paper, ink, bamboe/ 6 pieces of 125 cm x 225 cm

An algorithm is a number of steps you take to achieve a certain goal.

But what’s the goal? Does this time ask for the insight that feeling good may be the highest goal? When you dance, every step that unbalances you is naturally followed by a step that offers counterbalance.

How do you keep up in a time when nothing feels solid enough to hold on to? Daring to let go feels like a new control. Pleasure inside feels like a solid foundation.

price € 3750,- complete work / separate pieces € 750,-


Witsel/ Acrylic paint on organic cotton / size 170 x 150

Ode to the mirror neurons.

While A.I. take big steps towards accurate image recognition, I would like to show the viewer the beauty of our human brains. Which not only enable us to feel affection for other living beings, but even take the trouble to scan abstract shapes for human traits. We even project human emotions onto these simple white strokes of paint. Mirror neurons keep a close eye on other people’s activities and allow us to literally feel what moves the other person. Could the rise of A.I. blind us too?

price € 750,-

ODYSSEE’s LABYRINTH/ mixed media on felt / size 240 x 150 cm


Odysseus Labyrinth offers you a journey through trials, temptation, power and betrayal to a center where you pause and take a deep breath, then be led to the exit. Fueled by new powers, love, creativity, support and freedom. The labyrinth is formed by a drawing in one line. You can follow it by starting with your left hand at the bottom left and following the line until the break in the middle. Here you also put in your right hand, take a few deep breaths, and leave the center with your right hand to the exit of the labyrinth. You may have to wander around for 10 years, like a real Odysseus, to come to yourself. Sometimes an hour of meditation or opening up to a work of art helps to meet yourself and step outside with new creative thoughts.

The price is € 4000,- 


FLEXIBILITY / on the way to circulair movement

Ink on circular canvas, made from rejected drawings / size 55 x 65 cm

Practicing flexibility on the way to circular movement. To be able to see the bigger picture, open to the circle of life, in which the end is a good soil for new beginnings. The canvas of this artwork is made from old sketches that formed the beginning of the final work at the top.

price € 750,-


I am just a monkey man,

I’m glad you are a monkey woman too. (The Rolling Stones )/Inkt op canvas paneel 60 x 80 cm

My first painting when I landed on the NDSM grounds, in a small studio in NDSM Treehouse. Where you are always in the exciting company of a creative monkey,
that finds its way on your shoulder.

Not for sail

FALLING in red /size 30x 30 / material; acrylic paint on paper
price; € 300,-
DANCE in black / size 65x 50 /material: acrylic paint on paper
price; € 500,-
Z- WOMAN / Size A4 / material ;Bister and Ink on paper
SITTING DOWN Blue / size 65×50 /material; acrylic paint on paper
SITTING DOWN in blue 2 / size 65x 50 / material; acrylic paint on paper
price € 250
EMBRACE; acrylic paint on paper size 65 x 50
price €300,-
FORWARD /material: ink on paper/ size: 65 x 50
price € 300,-
HALF MOON POSE/ acrylic paint on paper / size 65 x 50
price € 200,-
KNEEL DOWN / ink on paper/ size 30 x 40
UNSTABLE / ink on paper/ size 30 x 40 /
price; ∞ 250,-
RED CURVES / acrylic paint on paper /size 30 x 20
price € 200,-
CELLO / ink on paper/ size 30 x40
price € 250
MODELING POSE / acrylic paint on paper / size 65 x 50
price € 350,-
MODELING POSE in bister/ bister on paper/ size 30 x 20
LOOKING FORWARDS / ink on paper/ size; 30 x 40
€ 300,-
TO ACCEPT/ ets / size A4
price € 250,-
 parallel two stroke painting/ acrylic paint/ size 65 x 50
price € 250,-
BOW / ink on paper/ size 20 x30
€ 375,- 
PIROUETTE / acrylic paint on paper / size:20 x30
DANCE MOVES /acrylic paint on paper / size 20 x30 each
price € 250 each