NDSM XPO/ Nieuw New Babylon / 05.04.2024 – 06.10.2024

NDSM Fuse / NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam

OPENING HOURS; Thursday to Sunday 12:00 – 18:00

We increasingly realize that we are only a small part of a large and complex system. The idea that we are the ‘crown of creation’  is proving outdated. We are simply dragged along by forces over which we have little control.

throw me in the water and teach me to swim again / Esther Kin.

Moving along, not always actively moving forward, but also making room for what needs to move is also a plan. Not holding on to a place that you think is yours. Not always acting, but also looking. Time for ‘feminine’ insight, also in men, Intuitive with gentle willpower. On to a new world, Atlantis 2.0. The raft is knowledge that can help us move forward in a simple form of harmony between people, animals and elements.


People are adept at creating and believing stories. However, the old myths of heroes and gods no longer fit today’s reality; they are outdated and simplistic. We need new myths that reflect our changing needs, with new characters to help us cope with the rapidly changing world.

In NIEUW NEW BABYLON, artists show these new myths, just as Constant Nieuwenhuis once described New Babylon as a dream: an illustration of a way of life in an assumed society. These are dystopian stories that are confrontational, but also optimistic ones that the viewer can identify with. For example, there is a larger-than-life ferryman from Greek mythology who transports souls to the underworld in a boat that is not seaworthy, but where a cat, the sacred animal of ancient Egyptian civilization, on the bow is the representation of hope. A nature reserve on a balcony shows a hopeful future in densely populated cities. And the large photographic work of a floating object above a silent landscape evokes a strong association with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey from 1968, as a reference to a new start for humanity in the universe.

Curator Ellen Klijzing    Kunstenaars Lies Aris, Wim Bakker, Allard Boterenbrood, Vincent Boschma, Madelon ter Borg,
Ike van Cleeff, Gertjan Evenhuis, Ester Eva Damen, Jim Du Pan, Neil Fortune, Catarina Garcia, Marian Genet, Kris Gonzalez, Fabien Gruau, Frank Hietbrink, Caroline Kampfraath, Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Nanny Kok, Bas Kosters, Rucha Kulkarni, Igor Kusmirak, Neyde Lantyer, GH Mack, Helena Kaori Maeda, Femke Moedt, Maud Oonk, Paul Rinzo, Eduardo Rojo,
Carla Rump, Henk Schut, Helga van Stralen, Mieke de Waal, Marius van Zandwijk 

NDSM XPO/ ON THE RUN / 01.09.2023 – 10.03.2024

NDSM XPO/ ON THE RUN / 01.09.2023 – 10.03.2024

Migration is an age-old phenomenon that has shaped and transformed the world. People have always been on the run, driven by all kinds of motives. Today, the media strongly and often negatively influences our image of refugees. The story of people who leave behind loved ones and brave oceans in search of a better life is complex. People flee from war, discrimination or economic malaise and the consequences of climate change.
However, fleeing also occurs on a smaller scale, for a variety of reasons, within different cultures, and even within families. What do all these refugees share with each other? What hopes, dreams and desires drive them? What should we do to better understand the refugee? How can we show empathy for their experiences, even if they fall outside our frame of reference?

In ON THE RUN artists involve spectators in the phenomenon of migration with work from various disciplines, from painting to interactive installation. In this way, the exhibition restricts visitors’ freedom of movement and evokes the experience of what it feels like to be held back by regulations, rules and fences. An examination of one’s own privilege as a step to get closer to others.
ON THE RUN is inevitably about ourselves. Me and the other, me and the refugee. Me, the refugee.

Troostkonijn/Esther Kin

Photos evoke emotions. They show beautiful moments, but also cruel ones. They make us feel for other people. But what do I feel if I haven’t experienced someone’s real pain and can’t see beyond the frames the photographer has set for me? Is it my own sadness, fear and impotence? And if I cannot help the victim with the grief I feel, can I also console myself by adding something to the image. Perhaps with the secret hope that my intense empathy will be felt by the victim. Troost (Comfort) rabbit  was born from distraught impotence at the sight of so much recorded suffering. Beyond reason or cause.


Curator Ellen Klijzing
Kunstenaars Sietse H. Bakker, Wim Bakker, Simone Boon, Allard Boterenbrood, Ester Eva Damen, Rika Maja Duevel,
Jim Du Pan, Rienke Enghardt, Gertjan Evenhuis, Catarina Garcia, Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Ellen Klijzing, Nanny Kok,
Wim Komhoff, Kyra de Korte, Rucha Kulkarni, Neyde Lantyer, Valerie Van Leersum, DH Mack, Helena Kaori Maeda,
Drager Meurtant, Hélène Min, Esmee Mlihi, Hanneke de Munck, Collectief Onder de Brug, Marcela Perrusquía, Sarah Payton, Ana Pinho, Benny van der Plank, Rinzo, Henk Schut, Jan Selen, Bart-Jan Steerenberg, Mieke de Waal



During the IJ-Hallen in the NDSM warehouse (one weekend per month from October to March), NDSM FUSE is only accessible via the IJ-Hallen

Past exhibitions :

ART PARK / finding natural beauty in north 

NDSM Treehouse/ sept 13- okt 15 2023


The NDSM shipyard is an area that is always moving, where the rich history of the shipbuilding industry, among others, mixes with the new makers of today. Always looking for an energetic balance that feeds the many daily visitors with impressions and new ideas. Now that the playing field is also expanding with a huge increase in housing construction, the balance will have to adjust again to also accommodate these new residents and their needs.

What do residents need to live a physically and mentally healthy life?
What amount of greenery should be created next to the gray stone? And how do we weigh the importance of these 2 ingredients against each other? A good start for answering these questions is also to look at everything that the area itself already has to offer and how can we give it a chance to grow further and develop well and healthily.
Who needs to feed each other in this area, literally and emotionally? Just as this applies to residents and their needs for food, oxygen and mental enrichment, this also applies to the animals and plants in this ecosystem. Healthy mutual interaction is of vital importance.
In this exhibition we also ask artists and creative makers to shine a light on this. Because they are able to think things through, imagine them and show them to you with emotion. They all chose a different approach, from portraying beauty, harmony and necessity to new ideas for mutual interest through well-functioning cooperation in urban nature.

Because they are able to think things through, imagine them and show them to you with emotion. They all chose a different approach, from portraying beauty, harmony and necessity to new ideas for mutual interest through well-functioning cooperation in urban nature.

21.04.23 t/m 20.08.23

NDSM Fuse xpo13 Esther KIn

In the ‘Tijdgeest en Spookbeelden’ exhibition, artists show their view on the current era, which can simply be called turbulent. What is not questioned or reconsidered? Political and social developments force us to revise entrenched ideas. We are confronted with our own actions and their consequences. The developments in technology, the flow of information and disinformation do not make the world any clearer. Moreover, the rapid rise of AI contributes to an increasingly complex reality.




ALGO RITME/ Esther Kin

An algorithm is a number of steps you take to achieve a certain goal.

But what’s the goal? Does this time ask for the insight that feeling good may be the highest goal? When you dance, every step that unbalances you is naturally followed by a step that offers counterbalance.

How do you keep up in a time when nothing feels solid enough to hold on to? Daring to let go feels like a new control. Pleasure inside feels like a solid foundation.

PAST exhibitions :

EXPOSITIE    01.10.2022 t/m 26.03.2023

NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam



AI, Artificial Intelligence, is increasingly part of our lives. The system, which reduces reality to mathematical units by creating and applying algorithms, is used daily in search engines, apps, city planning, financial markets, global logistics, surveillance and many more applications.

This exhibition shows works by artists who respond to AI. Artists who create new works with the help of AI. Artists who oppose it and artists who connect with it, but also artists who approach it scientifically. Artists influenced by the world of games and SF. Artists who question our experience of reality and who comment on AI development in a socially critical way with humor or, on the contrary, express their concerns about it.

Witsel Ode to the mirror neurons. While A.I. take big steps towards accurate image recognition, I would like to show the viewer the beauty of our human brains. Which not only enable us to feel affection for other living beings, but even take the trouble to scan abstract shapes for human traits. We even project human emotions onto these simple white strokes of paint. Mirror neurons keep a close eye on other people’s activities and allow us to literally feel what moves the other person. Could the rise of A.I. blind us too?

Curator: Ellen Klijzing

Kunstenaars: Tom Bekkers, Vincent Boschma, Simone Boon, Jan Borren, Allard Boterenbrood, Hilbrand Bos, Ania Drupka, Rika Maja Duevel, Fabien Gruau, Vladimir Hristov , Ossa Kierkegaart, Esther Kin, Nanny Kok, Bas Kosters, Deniz Kurt,
DH Mack, Lou Moison, Manuel Pellegrini, Giulia Principe, Cedric La Quieze, Paul Rinzo, Ivano Salonia, Henk Schut, Jan Selen, Bart-jan Steerenberg, Hilde Tuinstra, Kevin Walker, Querine van der Weijde

The Power of Collaboration

Dates: Sept 15th – Oct 16th 2021  Location; Treehouse pavilion NDSM / TT. Neveritaweg 55 – 57 Amsterdam

Weaving Roots and Veins
Adriana Rohde & Esther Kin

This installation invites us to reflect on what it means to collaborate with nature, of which we are of course also a part. How can we formulate a common goal? How can we survive together and lead a fruitful life? What do we have to tell each other? What knowledge can we share and how do we communicate with each other? 

The Power of Collaboration, oursecond month-long exhibition at our new Pavilion, features 9 works by local artists that reflect on the immense potential -and nuances- of collective thought and action, as well as a series of lectures and workshops. 

The Power of Collaboration attempts to move away from the focus on the individual and reflect on the huge network of connections and interactions at the base of any transformative action. Within a community (be that human, more-than-human or both), members collaborate for protection, nutrition, or just for help to get around. Even the smallest cooperation can have enormous implications, driving the vital force of change needed to tackle the most urgent issues. 

But these exchanges do not occur without tension. How do we navigate the strain between individuality and collectivity? What are the boundaries that we set for ourselves or are set for us? What are the conditions for real dialogue to take place? If we really defy anthropocentric narratives based on domination, what would true interspecies cohabitation look like? 

Participating artists: Brechtje van Dijk, Liesje van den Berk, Kam Seng Aung, Joshua Weitzel, Sam Tsao, Bruna Souza, Marte van Haaster, Antrianna Moutoula and Ella Tighe, Lies Aris and Judith Segers, Margot Domart, Adriana Rhode and Esther Kin.


The Odyssey is Homer’s epic about the journey of Odysseus to Ithaca. A journey full of challenges, misery, monsters and temptations. The stories are about betrayal, but also about cleverness and love, perseverance, creativity and hope. A metaphor for man’s journey through life and the search for its meaning.

How does modern man deal with this? How do we deal with this?
Do we close our eyes and let the wind carry us, or do we swim against the current and conquer the whirlpools and dangers that threaten to devour us, like Odysseus?

Curator: Ellen Klijzing

Foto Benny van der Plank https://bennyvanderplank.com/

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